Custom-Made Themetastic T-Shirt!
Perfect party keepsake
for your special Birthday Boy or Girl!
They're not little for long, but while they are....
they might as well OWN IT!!!
Photo: Finished Jakes bday shirt
Only $24 !
Any Theme!

Custom  Themed Candy Buffet (Includes Linens, Center Piece, and Theme-ColoredCandy
        $60  as add on, $80 by itself

Custom Themed Cake Pops 
        $20 per dozen

Custom Themed Carnival Games
        $15 per game as add on, $20 per game by themselves

Custom Centerpieces
        $10 as add-ons, $15 by themselves

Balloon Towers
        Pricing is custom to specified order

Face Painting with Artist
    $50 per hour